Covid - 19 Safety Measures and Procedures

What you should be doing as a customer:-

  • indoors and outdoors - no more than 6 people from up to 2 different households should meet at a time

  • wear a face covering when moving around and not eating or drinking

  • stay at least 1 metre apart from anyone outside your household

  • stay seated – no standing, queuing at bars or dancing

  • supply your contact details for Test and Protect

  • no singing or shouting to avoid the spread of COVID-19

  • As of 24th September you must check in with the NHS QR Code.

Mask Display

How to conduct:-

  1. One person (wearing a face mask, in line with govt guidelines) only from each group is allowed into the bar area to order drinks or ask to be seated indoors.  If sitting indoors place your order with a member of staff and then go to your table. This includes in outdoor seating.

  2. Your drinks will be brought over to your table. Any purchases will automatically be placed on a tab system unless asked for otherwise. We are limiting our payments so that there is less contact for staff and customers alike.

  3. You must stay seated, wear a face covering if you are not eating or drinking. One person allowed in toilets at any one time.