If using The Sun Inn car park as a starting point for your walk, please could you inform a member of the bar staff before departing on your way. Due to the fact that we cater for britstops (campervans and motorhomes), sometimes we have issues with unauthorised vehicles being blocked in. Thanks in advance. 

Culmington Walk 

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Walk 1  3.75 Miles 

From the car park at The Sun Inn Pub and Brewery, (1) Turn right alongside the main road and then immediately right alongside the inn and up the road, through Corfton Bache. Continue up the road enjoying the country views to your left. When the road terminates (2) continue along the hedged track/lane ahead and through the gate. The track leads on to an open field- follow the track up the slope and then the stone track alongside the fence on the left. Detour along the narrow way-marked track just to the right of the house. (3) After passing the house proceed to Goosefoot at the top of the road. (4) Bear around to the right and staying on the road continue through the farmyard at Pinstones. 


After the farmyard the road bears around to the right and begins to descend towards Diddlebury. Enjoy the views as you walk the mile down the Pinstones Lane passing Little Coppice on the left and then Middle Barn to the right. When you reach the main road (B4368  Craven Arms - Much Wenlock) (6) carefully cross to the other side. Turn Left and walk the short distance to the Diddlebury turn (7) Where you turn right and proceed along Mill Lane through the village. After crossing the hump-back road bridge you walk alongside the Diddle Brook a short distance to the left bend in the road. As you leave the brook behind you will find a way-marked gate on your right just before the churchyard. (8) 


Go through the gate and follow the path around to the right crossing a stile and then a footbridge to exit into field over following stile (9). Now go up the bank aiming for the top right hand corner of the field and over the next stile (10). Continue straight across Delbury Park, over Delbury Hall Drive and through the trees ahead to find stile (11) in the following hedge.


NOTE:- As a guide- standing with your back against the stile (10) you see two main trees directly in front and equidistant from you. Walk straight between the two trees and cross the drive. In the hollow straight ahead and slightly to the left is a small bushy tree - aim for the large tree to the right of it. Now you should see the stile in the hedge at the top of the slope ahead of you (11) 


As you head off look hard to the left to see the trout pools of Delbury Hall . 


Cross over the stile (11) and proceed along the edge of the field with the hedge on your left. Cross the next stile on your left (12) - which is part of a gate fixture in the hedge. Immediately turn right along the edge of the field (now keeping hedge to the right) and then left around the field corner to find the next stile on your right (13) . Cross the stile and then over the stream via footbridge and turn left. Now continue along the hedgerow on your right and over the stile in the corner of the field (14). Immediately cross the next stile on your right to exit onto track at Christmas Cross. Turn right along the track and proceed to the end. 


looking to the left as you make your way you may see the motte and bailey remains of Corfton Castle just after Hill House Farm. 


At the end of the track (15) join the road and proceed along it through Corfton village until you reach the crossroads with the main Craven Arms to Much Wenlock road. Carefully cross the road to The Sun Inn for refreshments and to return to your starting point (1). 



Walk 2 5.75 Miles 

Follow Instructions for WALK 1 to point (4) 


Bear around to the right along the road but as you leave the bend and before you reach the first farm building on your left turn sharp left ( back on yourself) and through the field gate. Walk along the edge of the field keeping the hedge, fence and cottage on your left. Go through the gate (16) and continue along left edge of Diddlebury Common and through following gates (17) exiting at the corner of the field. Turn right along the grass/track bridleway and continue through the gate (18) and into the wood (Acorn Coppice). Go straight along the main pathway through the wood to descend along the track (going straight on at any junctions you encounter). Proceed through the gate ahead. (19) 


look left for panoramic views across South Shropshire. In the valley are Middle and Upper Westhope crowned by the tree-line of Wenlock Edge above. Beyond this on the horizon the Long Mynd is clearly visible. 


Continue down the track, through the next gate and turn left onto the road track for a short distance and then exit onto the county road (20). Turn right and carefully walk along the road for 2/3rd of a mile until you reach a house on the right (Burwood Court) (21). Turn right in front of the house along a way-marked track. after passing through the second gate continue up the hedged track and out into the field. Follow the right edge of the field until you enter the wood through the gate on your right (22) (the gate that was straight across the field as you emerged from the track). Turn left along the woodland pathway. 


As you walk along the track the view on your left reveals Hope Dale and the gentle Eastern sloped of the Wenlock Edge beyond which lie the Stretton Hills. 


Proceed through the wood and up the bank to exit through a gate back onto Diddlebury Common (23). From the gate head diagonally right across the field to the gate in the midd of the fence (just over brow) in fron (24). Go through the gate and along the track beyond. The track takes you through a farmyard and exits onto a country road (5). Turn left along the road and follow the instructions from WALK 1 point (5). 


Walk 3 5.5 Miles 

Follow the instructions for WALK 1 or 2 to point (8). 


Don not go through the gate before the church but continue carefully along the road and around the back of the church. Continue along the county road to the bend at the entrance to Delbury Hall Trout Fishery (25). Turn right down the necct stones track (signposted Delbury Hall/ Home Farm) and through the next two gates,. Continue past the barns on the left and where the track terminates at two gates (26) go through the gate on the right. Keep walking along the right edge of the field and then along the hedged track. Go through the next gate (27) and straight along the wide, hedged grass track ahead exiting through the following gate (28). Now Head diagonally left across the field (right of farm buildings) to the ( River Corve) footbridge (29). 


NOTE :- Beyond the river lies the hamlet of Lawton. The river contains trout which are visible when the water is clear. Occasionally herons can be seen in this area.  


To continue with your walk do not cross the footbridge. Standing with your back to the bridge head left to the fence in front and over the ditch via the double stile (30). Now proceed straight across the field, keeping to the right of the large tree in the middle, and then through the gate in the left hedge (31). Turn right and through the next gate to cross the stream. Go straight on over the next field keeping parallel with the right hedge until you reach the stile in the middle of the hedge ahead (12). Do not cross the stile but turn left and follow the hedge on your right until you go around the corner of the field to find the next stile on your right (13). 


Now follow the instructions for WALK 1 from point

Wenlock Edge, Westhope & Corfton Walk 

Almost stile free, beautiful countryside greatly descending 150ft to Westhope, 0.5 mile ascent of 265ft to Diddlebury Common, then gentle slope 1.25 miles to "The Sun Inn" total walk 5.75 Miles 

The Sun Inn Pub and Brewery